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AURELIUS (Art and Literature)
The Dahl Crown Regatta
Target the Choral Dawn
The Great Waldhorn Cat
Claret and the Warthog
The Two-Dart Archangel
The Claw and the Drag Rat
What The Clot Arranged
The Oat Garland Wretch
Athwart the Golden Car
The Galant Heart Crowd
Chant, Garrotted Whale!
The Watt Cargo Handler
Toward The Heart Clang
The Gal on the Ward Cart
Carol Dwang, the Hatter
The Ratch-Twang Ordeal
Gather the Natal Crowd
The Dawn Car Larghetto
Howler at ‘The Grand Cat’
The Dragon Watch Alert
What the Coral Granted
The Angel Orchard Twat
Rod Hatchet, a Twangler
Trod Hatchet, a Wangler
The Goatherd Wart Clan
The Hard Wart Octangle
A Corn-Thwarted Haglet
The Gonad Crawl Threat
What, Not The Glad Racer?
The Wog Handcart Alert
Two Rang the Cathedral
The Choral Wand Target
The Garnet Cloth Award
The Canal Dog-Thwarter
Toward the Gran Chalet
The Throat-wad Clanger
The Watch Told a Ranger
To the Wretch, a Garland
Oh Art, that Candle Grew!
Clang Toward the Earth
The Lad that Grew Corn
The Owl and the Cragrat
Art and Music
The Grand Alto Watcher
The Cathedral Gown Art
Warhol Traced the Gnat
The Dawn Chart Gloater
The Nag that Carol Drew
That Elgar Death Crown
Theatre and Cinema
The Actor Length Award
That Greencloth Award
The Larger Two-hand Act
Thaw, the Gnarled Actor

Wealth, the Grand Actor
The Canal Trade Growth
Dragonet Wealth Chart
Char Handtowel Target
The Garth Town Car Deal
What Can’t the Larger Do?
Tater Hagard, the Clown
Waldo, the Catarrh Gent
Charlotte Ward, the Nag
Historical and Political
The Tangled Charta Row
Hatchet, a Warlord Gent
The Aged Cloth Warrant
Contra-Thalweg Hatred
Political Commentary
Can’t Hetherward Gloat?
The Warlord Agent Chat
Go and Let Thatcher War
Thatcher Dealt a Wrong
Gnaw the Cathredral Rot
Science and Engineering
The Wangled Rota Chart
Tetrahedron Watch Lag
The Gnat-Cradle or What?
Tetrachordal Wang
Catheter, Worth a Gland
A Catheter Drawl Thong
Dental Trachea Growth
Tractor-Gnawed Health
The Garland Cow Threat
Grand Charlotte Wheat
Netherward Goat Latch
Tractorwheel Handtag
Goatherd Wattle Ranch
Nautical and Fishing
The Cod-Narwhal Target
The Drag-Anchor Wattle
A New Dreg Throatlatch
Gart and Weathercloth
Deathwatch Angler Rot
The Water Log and Chart
O Watch, Retread a Length
Dan, the Trawler Gotcha!
Natural history
Throated Wangler Chat
Cart Gelated Hawthorn
The Larger Cat had Nowt
The Dawn Chatter Largo
Home and Gardening
Tarrow, a Thatch Legend
A Hogward Nettle Chart
A Grand Trowel Hatchet
Longhead Cat Thwarter
Hang the Cold Water Rat
A Rather Whet Catalog
Waged Char Tetrathlon
Great Decathlon Wrath
What Goaltender? Chart
Climbing and Walking
The Two-Crag Heartland
The Law on the Trad Crag
The Garth, a Noted Crawl
The Hatted Organ Crawl
The Agden Throat Crawl
Doh! What Art Rectangle?
Handcart Glow Theatre
‘How to’ books
Do the Catarrh Twangle
Learn the Watchdog Art
The Woad Tangler Chart
Great Handtowel Chart
Song Collections
The Cathedral Town Rag
The Dago Trawler Chant
Alerted Warthog Chant

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